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Be A Maker Club

We are makers that help you make. We started teaching children computer aided design and manufacturing (CAD & CAM) in our makerspace lab in 2018. Our focus has been on product design that enables a child to repair, make and invent for their everyday life. With the closure of in-person makerspace classes we decided to apply our pedagogy to online making and are offering online 3D design and printing classes starting in June 2020. Honors, Awards, or Certifications - Social Impact Fellowship by the Kravis Lab at Claremont McKenna College - 46% of students enrolled are girls in our makerspace classes - A textbook chapter on 3D printing in K-12 education to be published by Pearson in collaboration with Nova Southeastern University

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Late Elementary School
Middle School
High School
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Learning resource (class, curriculum, online tutoring, lecture series, etc.)
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STEM - Computers
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STEM - Computers
STEM - General
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