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Finding Urgent Care for your Child in Western New York


Does your child have a sprain or ear ache and the doctor isn’t in? Try an urgent care center instead of the ER.
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Does your child have a non-emergency issue such as an ear ache, sore throat, flu symptom or a sprain?

Your first step is to call your child’s pediatrician. But if the pediatrician is unavailable, urgent care centers are the next best option for many kids with non-emergency issues.

Urgent care centers are open at night and/or on weekends, providing options for patients when physician offices are closed. Patients generally receive care more quickly and often pay less for their care at an urgent care center compared to the emergency room.

Go to to find an urgent care center near you. The Web site includes an interactive Google map with locations and directions to the closest urgent care centers.

There are more than 10 urgent care centers in Monroe and Ontario counties in areas such as Farmington, Victor, Rochester, Webster and Penfield.

“Parents should be aware of their options and know that they don’t have to go to the emergency room if their child has a non-emergency medical issue,” said Jamie Kerr, M.D., vice president, chief medical officer, Excellus BCBS.

“To make sure people get the right care when needed, we suggest that people put the phone numbers of their primary care physician and of the nearest urgent care center in an easy-access place such as in their cell phone,” Dr. Kerr said. “And if people are unsure of where they should go for care, they can contact their physician who can help them make that decision.”