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A Kid's Party on a CD?! A review of ScrapSMART's new Party CD product


Click, Print, and Party!

Review of ScrapSMART's new Party-on-A-CD product line

Reviewed by Debra Ross

When my daughter, Ella, told me that she wanted to have a Princess Party for her 7th birthday this past April, I thought to myself, "A snap!" How hard could it be, after all? She had lots of little girl friends, everyone liked princesses. The party will kind of make itself, I thought.

Stop that laughing. Yes, I was being naïve. But I was also really busy with a number of outside projects. So the party didn't really come into focus for me until a week ahead of time, at which point I started planning. (Didn't I tell you to stop laughing?) I made up some games, I got a cake, I found some Hallmark decorations. I raced to the finish line, tried to remember what I must have forgotten along the way, hid my stress flawlessly, and the kids had a pretty good time.


What a difference it would have made to the whole enterprise if I had had the new Fairy Princess Party CD from ScrapSMART. This CD comes with printables for a variety of designs for invitations, decorations, custom goody bags, coloring pages, party activities and games, posters, and thank-you cards...plus some great printables to help the kids make crowns, bracelets, rings, wands and puppets. To help you record the whole event for posterity, they also include scrapbooking ideas and printables.

Most important, the ScrapSMART Party CD comes with instructions. And, a party checklist to keep the parent completely organized. This would have made all the difference for me, turning what I remember as a somewhat stressful experience into a positive pleasure.

ScrapSMART has a number of party CD products that have just been introduced: In addition to the Fairy Princess Party, they have a Dino Dig Party, a Race to the Finish Party, and a Pirates Ahoy Party. I have glanced at these other parties, and it seems that they, like the Fairy Princess Party, are most applicable for kids ages 3-7.


As for price: Each of these party CDs is $19.99. I spent over $20 on the decorations for Ella's party, so that would have saved me the cost right there. You also need to factor in the price that the paper and ink or toner cost you for printing, but it still would have saved me quite a bit in the end. They even have printables for you to cut, fold, and create your own envelopes, which not only means you don't need to buy them, but your child can get in on the action.

What Ella says she likes best is the fact that now that she knows how to use the computer, she can click and print to create her own little party--whenever she wants it. After all, we have the CD! So, the fun doesn't have to end with one birthday party.

ScrapSMART sells these CDs along with a lot of other CDs for scrapbooking on their web site a www.ScrapSMART.com. One thing I love is that ScrapSMART is local to the greater Rochester area. But readers from all over will appreciate the ability either to order the CD, or to download it instantly from the ScrapSMART web site.


The ScrapSMART folks have said they'll keep me posted whenever new parties get added to their collection, and I'll make sure to update this page as I get those new titles.


©2008, Debra Ross