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Recent "Healthy Heroes" from the Greater Rochester Health Foundation (Be A Healthy Hero)


Recognizing the Champions:
Healthy Heroes in Greater Rochester

Every successful campaign needs champions throughout the community. Healthy Heroes in the greater Rochester area are individuals or groups that are undertaking the challenge of improving children's nutrition and/or increasing their physical activity.

Melanie Bloodworth — Biz Kid$ Real
Melanie Bloodworth spearheaded a Biz Kid$ Real group to create, package and sell a healthy snack made out of New York State produce at the 2009 State Fair. The youth were responsible for all aspects of developing the healthy snacks, marketing, customer sales and service.

Debra Ross —
When kids produce the all-too-familiar wail, “Mom, I’m bored,” Healthy Hero Award Winner Debra Ross has the answer with her web site The website and a free weekly e-newsletter she produces, are devoted to letting parents learn about local activities that are fun, affordable, enriching and creative.

Pastor Ernest Salters — Family Night
Pastor Ernest Salters, of All God’s Children Church says, “The way to promote better nutrition for children is by educating their parents. Rising food costs and the disappearance of jobs make it difficult for families to afford the healthier selections in the supermarkets. One of the best ways to start to combat overweight in our kids is right here at the church.” Pastor Salters also initiated a weekly Family Night where children and their parents participate in games designed to promote movement and exercise. “

Sue Roe — Keenan’s Resturant
Sue Roe, mother of two and owner of Keenan’s Restaurant, has been an advocate for other restaurants to be Healthy Hero Restaurants. It was a leap of faith for the first few restaurant owners to put healthy choices on their menus. Low-fat milk, fruits and vegetable as side dish choices, and healthy entrees such as grilled chicken are basic requirements to earn the Healthy Hero Restaurant designation. Roe embraced the menu changes immediately and has been a consistent advocate to encourage her colleagues to participate in the program.

Amy Sheema — Lunch Bunch
Rochester City School District teacher Amy Shema was motivated to know her students on a more personal level, outside of the typical 'academic' situation, and has shown creativity and perseverance in helping kids learn about new foods,. One impact she has seen is that students are asking their parents to buy fruits and vegetables at home. Parents have told her that their children were telling them about a certain food that they ate at school, and wanted to eat more of at home. The children are introducing parents and siblings to new foods.

Carolyn Rabidoux — A Step Here and a Taste There
Every cause needs a champion and Carolyn Rabidoux has proved to be just that in her tireless work to promote physical activity and healthy eating at French Road Elementary School in Brighton. Rabidoux leads the school’s wellness committee, brouhgt yoga into the classroom, organized after-school walking groups and encouraging her colleagues to participate in charity runs. She initiated Tasty Tuesdays, where students can try healthy snacks and take a fact sheet or recipe home to their families.

Rosalie Mangino-Crandall — Active Play at the Library
Rosalie Mangino-Crandall has shown that the library is also a place for active play by creating a three-day-a-week summer program, and a weekly pre-school program during the school year for active neighborhood play. Some of the kids’ favorite activities are tag games; hoop games; yoga; parachute activities; “Animal Dance Party”; “Not in My Backyard”; and “Frogs, Flies, and Lily Pads.”