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Review of Wind Rider


Wind Rider

by Susan Williams

An inspiring novel

Reviewed by Debra Ross

I happened to fall in love with Jean Auel's Clan of the Cave Bear series when I was a teenager. What I appreciated most, beyond how effectively she is able to spin a story, is the way she jam-packs her gripping tales with details from archaeology, anthropology, mythology, and the history of science. More than that, I think a good measure of Auel's success stemps from the fact that she is able to tap into certain convictions that contemporary women share, about independence and self-reliance, that translate well into a prehistoric orientation. More than anyone else, Auel has captured the imaginations of, at this point, at least two generations of men and women, and painted a picture of what life might have been like at the dawn of man.

But, despite the desire of we 30-somethings to introduce our daughters and sons to Auel's world, preteens and young teenagers aren't ready for the Clan of the Cave Bear series. Too much sex (though it's far more appealingly rendered than most of the smut out there, in my opinion, but is still not appropriate for preteens), and so much detail that it's just a lot for young minds to wrap around.

Enter Wind Rider retails for $16.99 and is available online for $11.55 from and the online store of Lift Bridge Books for $17.89. has the book for $12.23.


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