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Reviews of Water Parks, Amusement Parks, and Resorts: What to know before you go

Darien Lake Ferris Wheel

If you search the internet to find reviews of amusement parks such as Cedar Point, Splash Lagoon, Roseland Water Park, and Water Safari, often all you'll find are corporate ad-filled ratings sites where people can click a rating button and maybe add a sentence or two of commentary.

It's very different here on When we review a place to take your kids, we think hard about what parents need to know, and then supply you with as much information as you need to make your decisions not only about whether to go, but what to know before you go. Is it part of our JOB to review amusement parks? Well, yes, yes it is. Someone's got to do it.

Here are links to our comprehensive reviews of amusement parks and both indoor and outdoor water parks. Check back frequently; the list grows as often as we get invited to review a great place for kids and families!

    Enchanted Forest / Water Safari Saw Mill
  • Enchanted Forest / Water Safari, Old Forge, NY in the Adirondack Mountains: To my 9-year-old, Enchanted Forest Water Safari was the paradise that she'd expected. The park is also gleamingly clean, safe, physically attractive, reasonably-priced, and pleasantly mellow--making it a parent’s paradise, too. The fact that it's in a charming Adirondacks town on a gorgeous lake in the midst of quiet, beautiful woodland, is a wonderful bonus....[More]


  • Cedar Point Amusement Park, Sandusky, Ohio: Cedar Point has repeatedly been voted one of the best amusement parks in the country, and the region brags that Cedar Point is known as one of the top family vacation destinations in the world. The world? I'm not sure about that, but there's no question my family had fun. If you're planning a trip there, I have useful advice for you, so read on....[More]


  • Greek Peak Hope Lake Lodge & Cascades Indoor Water Park, Cortland, NY: My 11-year-old son is walking happily up to the well-stocked lake to fish, with equipment borrowed from the concierge. He has been looking forward to this little side trip all morning. As I walk him part way up to the lake, we take in the view together. It is early spring, but it is easy to imagine how the mountains must sparkle in winter. I leave Alex with his rod and reel and head back to the lodge, ready for my upcoming treatment at the on-site spa. Hannah, my 15-year-old, heads to the water park....[More]


  • Roseland Water Park, Canandaigua, NY: I eyed the dark gray clouds rolling in from the west, and hesitated before we stepped up to the ticket counter. "Mom, but isn't their motto GET SET TO GET WET?" my 9-year-old daughter Madison said, as she urged me forward. "Just get set!" It may not have been the perfect day to go to Roseland Water Park...but it made for a great Test Case day. If Roseland could live up to its billing as a family-friendly place that is relaxing and exciting by turns, even in the rain, then we'd be happy campers....[More]

    Splash Lagoon

  • Splash Lagoon, Erie, PA: I am sitting 20 feet away from where my 7- and 9-year-old daughters are waiting under the Tiki Tree House for the bucket above to drench the waiting throngs below with a thousand gallons of warm water. The horn has just blown to let everyone know the bucket is about to tip—which it does about four times each hour—and kids are hurrying from all corners of the indoor water park to be part of the fun....[More]

  • MarineLand, Ontario, Canada, near Niagara Falls: Their TV and radio ads feature the popular jingle which every child and adult in Rochester can sing: "Everyone Loves MarineLand!" But is it true? Does everyone really love MarineLand?....[More]


  • Seabreeze, Rochester, NY:Seabreeze is one of the nicest parks in western New York; it is clean, affordable, and (generally) not too crowded. It is a family-owned business that genuinely cares about promoting a family-friendly atmosphere.....[More]

    Sesame Place

  • Sesame Place, Langhorne, PA:The single most important thing to know about visiting Sesame Place is this: If you are only going for one day, arrive at 3:00pm to get the "Twilight Ticket."... Sesame Place is fun for all ages. Yes, really! ....[More]